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This family-owned brewery in the foothills of the Alps is famous for a full range of award-winning Bavarian specialty beers.


About Ayinger Brewery

Brauerei Aying has a long-standing reputation for excellence in beer and hospitality. Although Ayinger Brewery was founded in a picturesque village 25 kilometers from Munich in 1878, the site of the Ayinger Gasthaus Brewery Hotel has been one of Bavaria's most famous restaurants for more than 500 years.

In the shadow of the Alps, nestled in the 1200 year-old village of Aying (pronounced eye-ing), Brauerei Aying produces 12 different styles of beers, more than most of the larger breweries. The Ayinger Brewery has been owned and operated by the same family since 1878 and represents one of the most pleasant and interesting small breweries which are typical of Europe. Brewing good beer is the premier duty of Aying, and people come from all over the world to sample the wares.

In a land of wonderful breweries, Ayinger is considered a benchmark of excellence. In recent years, Ayinger regularly places first in every category entered in the World Beer Championships; the brewery has gold medals from the European Beer Star, the Helsinki Beer Fest, the Stockholm Beer & Whiskey Festival, the Calagary Brewfest, and the Deutsche Landwirtschaftsgesellschaft (German Agricultural Society). In January 2015, ratebeer.com listed Ayinger as the "best brewery in Germany" based on thousands and thousands of consumer rankings.

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Ayinger Beers

Celebrator Doppelbock

Profoundly dark & rich with cascading layers of malt complexity. A lager, Celebrator gains richness and depth from multiple malt varieties and a complex mashing profile.

Bavarian Pils

New for 2017! The flavor of a fruitful barley harvest, seasoned with noble hops: a brisk golden lager with snappy hop aroma and velvety-soft malt flavor, from locally-grown barley.


Authentic Bavarian wheat beer - extravagant sustained head, smooth body, inviting aromatic complexity from a traditional weissebier yeast strain.


Traditional "dunkel weizen" - dark wheat beer - with rich caramel flavors supporting classic weissebeer aroma and complexity.

Jahrhundert Bier

All-malt "export-style" lager: clean, thirst-quenching and super crisp; first brewed in 1978 to commemorate 100 years of brewing at Aying.

Altbairisch Dunkel

Dark lager with subtle and elusive roasted malt flavor notes that might suggest toffee. Very inviting, refined, and easy drinking, this "Old Bavarian Dark" is also an excellent match to a wide range of food.

Oktober Fest-Märzen

Classic "märzen" - full-bodied, rich, deep amber lager brewed in spring for consumption in the fall. Fall seasonal.


A relatively uncommon style, even in Bavaria, weizen bocks are wheat ales brewed to be as strong as bock. Ayinger Weizenbock is astonishingly drinkable, full-bodied and deeply flavored but perfectly balanced. Winter Seasonal.


Brewed to bock strength, Ayinger Maibock is a traditional, malt-forward strong lager with aristocratic Hallertauer hops in abundance. This "spring celebration" lager brewed in the fall and released as winter turns to spring. Spring Seasonal.


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