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Du Bocq

Traditonal, family-owned brewery in the Condroz region of Wallonia, Belgium.

Du Bocq

About Du Bocq Brewery

In 1858, Martin Belot - a farmer in the village of Purnode, Belgium - began to brew beer during the winter months: there was an excellent well near the farm, and brewing was the perfect activity for winter, when there was little work in the fields. A wide range of different beers was offered, and sales in the area around the brewery grew.

In 1960, farming ceased at Du Bocq so the family could concentrate only on brewing; a focus on traditional, bottle-conditioned Belgian ales led to continued growth. Du Bocq Brewery modernized their brewing equipment and began to export select styles from Belgium in 1983. Upgrades and improvements have continued at the brewery to the present, but always with careful attention to the brewery's history and to the classic flavors found in their beers.

The brewery is still owned by descendants of the original family, and has achieved an international reputation for quality. To this day, the village of Purnode and the surrounding region of Condroz retain their beauty and traditions, allowing Du Bocq to continue to help build Belgian brewing history.

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Meet Xavier Yernaux, the head brewer at Du Bocq:

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Du Bocq Beers

Blanche de Namur

Classic, satisfying, spicy wheat ale.

Saison 1858

Traditional Belgian farmhouse-style saison.


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