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Breweries represented by Merchant du Vin

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Merchant du Vin imports excellent beers in the classic styles from the brewing nations of Scotland, England, Germany and Belgium.

All Merchant du Vin beers represent a historical and regional brewing tradition, even when they have modern innovations like being built from gluten-free ingredients. Our beers are all outstanding examples of their style, and all are produced by a brewery of superb reputation. All MdV beers come from family- or abbey-owned breweries. None of our beers use any genetically modified organisms (GMOs) as ingredients. And every beer in our portfolio offers wonderful flavors.

As a result of these standards, Merchant du Vin's benchmark beers appear on nearly every list of the top beers in the world. Sales have increased steadily over our multi-decade history, and we are proud to have played a role in the growth of the American craft beer industry: many American brewers tell us they were inspired to a brewing career by their first taste of one of our beers.

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